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Better Prospecting with Marketsync Sales Fulfillment.

Did you know that executives are 12 times more likely to open a package than to read an unsolicited email or take a cold call?

Salespeople who use Marketsync get more executive conversations, faster. Marketsync simplifies prospecting by enabling salespeople to easily send direct mail items, including personalized letters, collateral, and print-on-demand materials -- and even fulfill gifts. Marketsync handles printing, assembly and shipping, tracks each letter or package until it’s delivered, and creates an audit trail in Salesforce. Our solution integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM and is available on the AppExchange.

Marketsync opens the door to executive conversations.

Make It Easy
I love this tool and use it every day!
Selena Knievel
Sr. Premier Services Executive
Make It Better
We get through to 'C-level' prospects early with Marketsync.
Jon Miller
Vice President, Marketing
Drive More Revenue
We see larger deals and faster close rates with Marketsync.
D. Wayne Poole
Senior Vice President
Sales & Client Services